Birth - High School

The world came to know its next left handed reject in the Summer of 1985, unfortunately this all occurred in Pennsylvania . My family's tribe was in a heated battle with the Quakers and after years of warfare we fled to California. We came in search of gold left over from the 49er's; however we soon to realized that was a football team, and Candlestick park is freezing. Poor and alone, my family decided to set up residence in a small town filled with various uptight rich people. So, not going to lie, basically I excelled at everything I ever tried in high school so I decided to go to some random private college. Just so happened I left one group of rich kids to join a bunch of other rich kids. I went there to study things at some school called Claremont McKenna College. That's like a 6 hour drive, for real.

College...and running.
I ran a lot. I mean .... a lot. I lived my life by Einstein's famous quote "F*ck you Maxwell" and decided to study physics (aka f6 or fzx). I took a ton of classes and learned nothing. So after 4 years I was handed a degree in Physics, and a minor in Computational Physics. I was throughly bored so I applied to graduate school and got into Colorado State's Graduate program in Biomedical Engineering. That sounded lame to me so I rejected the offer, and decided to coach Clayton Valley HS's XC team. After a semester of that home bored me so I told SDSU Physics that I was going to attend them in the Spring and they had no choice but to let me. Oh ya, I ran for 4 years of XC and Track and went to NCAA DIII XC meet, so that's neat.

Graduate School, more running.
So I moved down to San Diego, and I am a Masters Student in Physics. Currently about done with the program and looking to start research with my professor (pictured on the right). School is pretty awesome, a lot of it has to do with physics of random things like particles, and math.... SO MUCH MATH. In order to stay sane I work at a running store, MovinShoes, on the weekends (stop by and buy stuff NOW). On top of that I run for / sponsored by Adidas Movin Shoes Racing Team. So basically I run, study and post crap here. enjoy.

Thats it 
see above.